10 Famous Cats Throughout History

Cats have grabbed the hearts of people for many years; we’re enamored with these fluffy beasts, and this kitty passion has resulted in the appearance of many renowned cats. Find out who made our list of the top ten most famous cats, including Grumpy Cat, the living oxymoron, and Lil Bub, the perma-kitten.
Isn’t there something special about cats? Their mysterious toe beans and saucer-like eyes have enchanted mankind throughout history, and we can’t get enough of them. Cute cats adorn our screens, and our fascination with their adorable fluffy faces has resulted in the growth of celebrity cats.

These kittens are the stars of every show, from Instagram influencers that have us hitting the like button to renowned cats in movies who are more deserving of an Oscar than most celebrities.

Ted Nude-Gent – Mr Bigglesworth from Austin Powers

This cat’s name is almost as amusing as his presence in the film! This renowned cat, known as Dr. Evil’s hairless Sphynx Cat from the Austin Powers films, was supposedly a big fan of Mike Myers, despite his owner being his arch adversary in the series. Ted reportedly adored Mike so much that he would spend all of his time resting on his lap, which caused several delays in filming.

Tardar Sauce – Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is one of the most well-known cats in history. She rose to prominence in 2012 after a Reddit post of her face went viral; at first, no one thought her face hadn’t been altered, but her grumpy markings were genuine. And everyone quickly fell in love. Her owners said she was a very cheerful cat (despite the expression) with dwarfism, and although looking like a Snowshoe or Ragdoll, her parents were a Calico Short Hair and a grey tabby!

Cole and Marmalade – YouTube sensations

Cole and Marmalade, two rescued cats, are a true rags-to-riches story. Cole was found as a 6-week-old kitten on the side of the road first, and Marmalade joined the household a bit later as an unwanted cat. They were the best of friends as soon as they met, and these famous cats are now YouTube stars. With over a million subscribers, these funny films are ideal for cat lovers looking for a reason to grin.

Lil Bub – the perma-kitten

Everyone has heard about this cute celebrity cat. She had a kitten-like appearance due to a combination of genetic abnormalities, including teeth that never formed (thus her tongue hung out of her mouth) and a type of dwarfism. She also had a rare bone condition called Osteopetrosis, and Lil Bub was the only cat in history to be born with it. Her owners were able to obtain finances for her treatment because to her online fame, but she died in December of 2019.

Orangey – Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Orangey is your man if you’re looking for renowned cats from movies. Orangey was a famous actor who won the Patsy award twice for his performance as ‘Cat’ in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, opposite Audrey Hepburn.

He also appeared in The Diary of Anne Frank, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Beverly Hillbillies, among other films and television shows. Despite this, he was known as one of the meanest acting cats in history, biting and scratching his human co-stars. His work ethic wasn’t always the best, and he was known to flee when he didn’t feel like acting – production would have to stop until he was discovered.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Bob is a well-known cat with one of the most heartwarming stories. This adorable ginger tabby literally changed his owner’s life. James Bowen was a former drug user who was homeless. But when Bob showed up at his door with an infected leg wound and a cheerful attitude, he gave James a new purpose to live, and the two became inseparable. So much so that Bob would accompany him as he busked throughout London, attracting both visitors and locals. The narrative of the couple has been made into a book and subsequently a film adaption, in which Bob starred as himself.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat has a distinctive characteristic on his face: an odd-looking moustache. Hamilton, who was adopted from the Humane Society, was initially found in a feral colony and was a very shy and frightened cat. When his owner came to see him, it was love at first sight, and the couple instantly connected. It took some time for him to adjust to his new life, but he’s now a happy and energetic cat, as well as an Instagram phenomenon.

Mrs. Norris – The Magical Maine Coon(s)

Mrs. Norris is one of the most well-known cats in film history. The part was played in the Harry Potter books by four distinct Maine Coons (three of them were rescued), all of whom were handpicked for their skill set.

Alanis was used for the majority of the holding scenes because she was good at staying still; Pebbles walked the hallways because he had been trained to walk and stop at a specific spot; Maximus was trained to jump up onto Mr. Filch’s shoulders; and Cornilus would sit still and look around on command. Who said you couldn’t train a cat to do tricks?

Mr. Jinx – The toilet-using cat from Meet the Parents

Mr. Jinx was played by multiple different cats, as is common with renowned cats in movies. The Himalayans who played the roles have developed a reputation as one of the most comic cats in film history, and if you’ve seen Meet the Parents, you’ll understand why. Throughout the film, Mr. Jinx uses the toilet, waves, and does other tricks, and each cat has their own set of skills. The trainer reportedly still has two of Mr. Jinx’s portrayers, Peanut and Charlie.

Nala – The world’s most followed cat

This adorable kitten with crossed eyes is one of the most popular on the internet. The Siamese/tabby mix currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most Instagram followers for a cat, with over 4 million fans and her own line of merchandise. But it wasn’t always easy for Nala; before she became one of the world’s most beloved cats, she was a sickly shelter cat. Nala grew up to be a healthy and lovable cat with the appropriate medicine and a little care, and she is now adored by millions.

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