10 Friendliest And Stunningly Attractive Cats On Earth

This is about the most friendly and attractive cats on earth.

There are many cat breeds in the world, and they have different physical qualities and temperaments. But there are few cat breeds that stand out in terms of their being friendly and at times loyal to their masters. They are also lovely and fun to be with as domestic pets.

Here are they are:

Exotic Short hair

Exotic Short hair is a crossbreed of American Short hair and Persian Short hair. The Exotic short hair has a round, massive head, small ear and large round eyes. It has a medium-size body and short tail. Its hair is dense, fluffy and erect.

The Exotic Short hair is loyal and affectionate breed and makes excellent lap cats. They are ideal as apartment cats for city dwellers because of their calm and steady nature. They are curious and playful and are friendly to other cats and dogs.


Abyssinian cat, breed originated from Ethiopia. Its name was derived from Abyssinia, the former name of Ethiopia. Abyssinia was brought to Egypt and eventually to England in the late 1860s, but went almost instinct in the 1900s. But in the 1930s it was brought to the United States, where it was revived out of extinction. It is now the fifth most popular cat breed in North America.
Abyssinian cat breed has well-developed muscles and medium length body. It has a fairly long tail. They are natural athletes, climbers and curious investigators. They are fond of water and can be excellent swimmers. Furthermore, they are very intelligent cats, loyal and affectionate with people.

Birman Cat Breed

Birman Cat is known to have originated from Myanmar, formerly Burma. They have long and silky hair. All Birmans are born with white hairs, but they change after about a week from birth. If the adult color is dark, color change start to manifest after about 14 days. The real adult color change is completed in about two years.

Birman’s cats are highly intelligent, very inquisitive and playful, but require plenty of stimulation and attention.


Ragdolls are an American cat breed that was created by Ann Baker in 1960 from free-roaming cats in California. They are large, affectionate cat breeds that usually weigh from 10-20 lbs. They are slow maturing, reaching full color coat in two years and full size weight and size at four years. Rag dolls are affectionate cat breeds. They are human-friendly and are comfortable staying on floors rather than climbing or jumping. They are gentle cats and safe to play with because they don’t normally extend their claws as other cats would. Furthermore, they are also well-behaved and easy to care, which make them ideal pets for busy owners.


Persian Cats are said to have originated from Persia. In the 1600s a few of them were brought to France and soon to Britain. They were cross-bred with Turkish Angoras. Their appearance then was slightly different from today’s Persian cat breed. The show-quality Persian has long hair, short legs, wide head, and large eyes and with ears set far apart.

A Persian cat breed enjoys an atmosphere of security and serenity and would prefer to just roam around the house and surroundings. They are sweet and gentle cats and blends well in any household whenever they feel they are secured. They have quiet and melodious voice which is pleasing to hear. Their lifespan is 10-19 years.


Burmese cat breeds are known to have originated from Thailand. In the 18th century, some of these cats were brought to Burma by the invading forces when Burma invaded Siam. This event could be a hint on the reason why they are called Burmese Cats. Today, the most popular Burmese are those that were bred in UK and America. Burmese cats have undergone quite a long process of cross-breeding resulting into a wide selection of Burmese breeds, especially when they are differentiated by their colors. There are about 20 different colors that were established for Burmese cat breeds. They have shorter, soft hair which requires little grooming. They also have large, expressive eyes that make them irresistible and appealing. Burmese are people-oriented, sometimes acting like dogs in some efforts to show off to their owners for affection.


Manx cat breeds originated in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom. It is believed though that they were originally from Spain and were placed on board a ship that were found in the Isle of Man and swam from ship to inland. Manx are known for their being tailless. They are also known for their being skilled hunters and known to take larger preys. Manx are favorite pets of farmers because of their skill in driving away rodents that prey on plants and produce.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats or “Wedgie” is a cat breed native to Europe. They adapt to places with very cold climate. Wedgies are believed to be ancestors of the Manx and Maine Coon. They have thick and fluffy double-layered coats and long hairy tails to protect them from freezing weather. Wedgies are large cats, with adult males’ weighing 13-22 lbs, but females are relatively smaller. They are very intelligent cat breeds and enjoys the company of humans

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat breeds are the largest breed of domestic cats. They are highly intelligent, energetic and very playful. Maine Coon is a native cat of the State of Maine, USA. It is one of the oldest natural cat breed of North America. It is known as the official state cat of the State of Maine. Furthermore, it normally weighs about 13-20 lbs. and about 40 inches in length. Due to their above-average intelligence, Maine Coons are known to be one of the easiest cats to train. Sometimes they show dog-like behavior because they are fond of retrieving balls or similar items and bringing them back to their master.


Siamese cat breeds are classified as Oriental Cats and known to have originated from Southeast Asia. In late 1800, Siamese Cats were seen in UK and other parts of Europe. This marked the beginning of the Siamese cat breed that spread throughout Europe and later in America. As a result of long cross-breeding process, two kinds of Siamese classifications were made known which is the’Show Style” and the

“Traditional Siamese”.
Siamese cat breeds are affectionate and intelligent cats, and they are known for their social nature. They enjoy being with humans and are typically active and playful. Siamese cat breeds have a life span of 15-20 years.

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