How To Give Cats A Flea Bath

Most cats do not like water and will kick, scream and scratch rather than dip so much as a paw into water. But if you are planning to give your cat a flea bath, you will need to do what you can to combat the flea infestation.

Clip Kitty’s Claws

Unless your cat is declawed, you should clip the cat’s claws so that he does not tear your flesh to shreds as he struggles to be set free. Clip the tip of the claws, but do not cut into the quick (the pink tissue on a cat’s claw) or else you will cause unnecessary pain and suffering and there will be bleeding.
Special cat clippers can be purchased from a veterinarian, or you can use sharp human nail clippers to do the job, provided you sanitize them between uses.

Prepare the Necessary Supplies

Giving cats a flea bath can be stressful, so you will need to work quickly to apply the flea shampoo and dry them off again as quickly as possible. Assemble the flea shampoo, towel, and any other supplies you will need while you are bathing kitty, so that you will not have to interrupt the bath to go and find something you have forgotten.

Reward the Cat

Nothing screams “punishment” to a cat more than being dipped in water, so be sure to reward the cat either during or immediately after the flea bath. This will let the cat know that you were not punishing him!

Wash All Supplies

After you have given your cat a flea bath, it is important to wash all supplies in hot, soapy water. Place towels that were used to dry off kitty on a hot wash and do not reuse them until after they have been properly washed.

If your cat is like most, he will make a fuss when you need to give him a flea bath and will do all he can to resist and run away. Start off by clipping kitty’s claws so that you are not scratched as you try to hold the cat down during the bath, prepare the necessary supplies and be sure to reward the cat with a cat treat. Wash all supplies that were used to give kitty a flea bath and sanitize the surrounding area to get rid of any dead or dying fleas.

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