How To Take Great Photos Of Your Cat Or Kitten

Ok so everyone who is a parent to a cat or kitten just can’t have enough videos and photos of that cute family member. I love taking photos of my kitten and thought there must be a way to keep him still, and get him into some great poses by relaxing and not speeding away every time. So I developed a few methods which may help you take some stunning photos of your cat or kitten. These are just methods that I found which worked, there are so many outs there, so if you know any good ones, let me know too!

1. Distraction Shot – ok, so wait until your cat had done his or her evening run around and just relaxing around the house. Get on the floor with your cat while it’s doing the grooming thing and place the camera on the floor, don’t hold it. It will get curious, but shouldn’t move away. With one hand, cause a slight movement near the camera to get his/her attention and snap away. Try the multiple shot option to get a variety. Experiment with distance, as too close will get your shot blurred.

2. Action shot – If you have a fast shutter speed option on your camera, use it. This option is great for capturing a photo of your cat in action, jumping, climbing, running. I usually dangle his favorite catnip sock for him to jump for and take the shot just as he leaps up. Might take a few shots, but he loves it. It’s all just fun and games for them.

3. Exploring / Outdoor Shots – These photos are my personal favorite, they are usually of him wandering in the garden or climbing up a tree, sniffing plants and eating grass like they do. Follow your cat around a little as it explores the garden as usual, doing his or her rounds. Try different angle shots, from the grass level shots to tree shots. Holding the camera steady is the key.
The great thing is, the more your cat see’s you’re doing these crazy things with the camera, the more he/she will become accustomed to it. Eventually they may even start posing for you or know just what you want them to do. It’s all great fun, your cat will think you’re mad but will have a good time too. Happy snapping!

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