How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant

The first thing that one should remember in training cats is that the difference between training cats and dogs is to remember that dogs do tricks to please their master, while cats do tricks if they get something out of it. One must prepare first an irresistible treat. Treats may vary depending on your cat’s preferences, but it must be something you know your cat cannot resist. Another requirement in training your cat is patience. Remember, cats don’t do tricks to please you, so it’s you who must have patience. Here are some simple tricks you can teach your cat.

#1 Sit

Put your treats where you can easily reach it, but the cat can’t, sit cross-legged and face your cat. As your cat stands before you, say sit. Keep repeating this while putting light pressure on him to induce him to sit. If he sits, give him a treat and encourage him. Keep repeating this practice until your cat gets used to the command and will sit even without treats.

#2 Come Here

Command your cat to do what he usually wants to do, like get the treat or a favorite toy from you. Keep repeating the command “come here” while doing this until your cat associates the command with coming to you and getting a treat. Eventually he will respond to the command and come to you.

#3 Sit up

In this trick it is important to remember that a cat will reach for something he likes, like your treat, by stretching up on his hind legs. Eventually he will tire and sit back on his haunches.  Then say, “Sit Up!”  Continue associating the word with his action until he will eventually recognize it. Give him then the treat.

#4 Shake

Have your cat sit, take his right paw and shake it while saying shake. After that, give him a treat and keep repeating the word and shaking until eventually, out of instinct, he will reach out his paw whenever you say the word shake. Reward him after taking his paw.
You can apply these concepts to other tricks you want to train your cat with like jump, roll around, and other tricks. The basics to remember are to prepare him a treat, think of the trick you want him to learn, and to think of the word you want your cat to associate the trick with. Remember also to have patience, and lots of it. Remember, training a cat needs consistency; therefore patience in this case is a value.

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