10 Ways Cats Outshine Dogs

Cats are much better than dogs, and here’s why.

1. Cats are much more mobile than dogs. They can leap up to elevations that range 6 times their own height, while dogs can only reach a distance that’s twice their height in one leap. And cats can restraint the fall better than dogs.

2. During a fall, a cat can position itself to ensure that it stays on its feet when hitting the ground. This is possible due to the unique design of its inner ear canal. Credit goes to the creator for this one!

3. Cats have better eyesight than dogs. They require only a small amount of light to locate things. As a result, they have big, glowing eyes, a treat for every cat lover! Dogs mostly navigate around by smelling.

4. A kitten, when only a week old, starts dreaming. However, feline dreams are quite unlike the upsetting, far-fetched dreams that dog experience.

5. Did u know that cats too were left-handed or right-handed? 30% of cats r left-handed, while another 30% are left-handed. The remaining 40% can use both their paws with equal ease. Isn’t that really cool?

6. Cats are more focused than dogs, literally. It is often seen that cats who venture out alone, can return home on their own, unlike dogs who tend to get lost. Though it hasn’t been determined yet as to how cats do this, it has been long believed that cats sense the gravitational pull and understand their positing on earth.

7. Whoever thought dogs were better at keeping guard, ought to think again. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees and therefore catch sound signals up to 10 times faster than dogs, who can not twist their ears.

8. A woman’s voice is usually more sharp than a man’s and that is why cats respond better to a female voice. This proves they are more intelligent than dogs and even perhaps men!

9. It was found that wealthy American families were most likely to keep a pet cat rather than a dog. Cats had, in 1987, replaces dogs from the top slot in the favorite pet category.

10. Science says that cuddling a cat helps control a person’s overall health. Cuddling up to a dog might have the same effect, but it is obviously easier to cuddle a cat that sits comfortable on your lap for hours.
I have both a cat and a dog, and would say I prefer the cat to the dog any day! Cats are just so incredibly lovable and always stick close to you, almost like filing a void in your life.

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